March 17-19, 2017

Knitting Retreat & Fiber Festival
Comfort Inn and Hotel Coolidge

Saturday & Sunday

Shop at the vendor booths for
fibers and artists across
New England

Raffle with prizes from
each vendor

Yarn, accessories, tools,
     and more!

Join us for a Meet and Greet on Saturday night
from 5 to 8 pm and 
Sunday Brunch. 

So spread the word—a great weekend of relaxing, unlimited knitting, and shopping
all rolled into one. Limited class space
​so sign-up early.

Karen's Update

It has been a while since we last connected and so much has happened. My life’s story has started a new chapter. It has new beginnings and many sad endings, but I am confident I will embrace the outcome and know my story is 
continuing exactly as it should. 

Questions to answer. 

I am still in the Upper Valley and working to-ward our move to Florida. The date is still fluid but we have a target date for July (sometime). 

There is so much to do to make this move smooth. Lynn will keep Coventry Catering operating as this is our livelihood. We have a committed and excellent team working with us. We are so blessed from that perspective. 

My parents are doing well as daily their life is also changing. But they have embraced this stage of life and are once again a shining example to us.

For me I miss YOU. I miss our visits, the sharing of our lives. I miss your smiles. I miss helping you with finding a project or solving a problem. I miss seeing your completed work. I miss our friendship. Thus I grieve. 

But as with all grieving it show us so profoundly what we really loved. I dearly love you. 

As I look to my future it is still hard to see myself not doing what I had come to love so much. I am daily grateful for the gift I had for 5 years. 

As I move to this new unknown, this I know for sure – I am not alone and there is work still left for me to do. 


about the fiber festival and karen

The 9th Annual Fiber Festival is about to get better. Join us March 17-19, 2017 at the Hotel Coolidge for the Fiber Festival and at the Comfort Inn for the Knitting Retreat. This will be a relaxing time to join friends and make new friends. There is no fee to attend the festival or to be a part of the sit and knit. There are wonderful classes being offered this year. Learn new skills with your friends. 

Come stay with us for the weekend and enjoy endless knitting and visiting. Last year was absolutely great. I realize many live within a comfortable distance but this could also be a time to have a girlfriend getaway. We will be at the Comfort Inn for Only $89 per night.

Join us for a Meet and Greet on Saturday night from 5 to 8 pm ($10 or donation) and Sunday Brunch, $17, email to sign-up for the brunch.